TISEC has oversight of ministerial formation, training and development within the Scottish Episcopal Church, and the Methodist Church in Scotland. Through its Initial Ministerial Education (IME) programmes it prepares men and women for accredited lay and ordained ministries; and through its Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) programmes it seeks to offer ongoing training and support for those engaged in public ministry. For more information, please see the IME and CMD pages.

TISEC consists of both a dispersed and a central body. Dispersed TISEC is constituted by diocesan co-ordinators and advisors. Dispersed TISEC is responsible for part of the delivery of IME programmes and the delivery of all CMD programmes. For contact details and information on the work of the dioceses, please see the information on the DIOCESES pages.

TISEC's work is overseen by the Ministry Development Committee. This committee reports through its convenor (Professor Judith George) to the provincial Board for Mission and Ministry.

The central (or provincial) body, based at General Synod Office in Edinburgh, is staffed by two Ministry Development Officers (MDOs) ( Kenneth Fleming and Michael Fuller ) and an Administrative Secretary (Denise Brunton). The responsibilities of the MDOs include oversight and development of the provincial curriculum and monitoring of the structures and processes involved in ministerial training. If you have any concerns or questions about ministerial formation in TISEC please contact either your diocesan co-ordinator or the provincial staff.


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